Klantenbeoordelingen: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4,9/5)
Klantenbeoordelingen: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4,9/5)
GPS Watch for Babies / kids
GPS Watch for Babies / kids
GPS Watch for Babies / kids

GPS Watch for Babies / kids

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Safety and reassurance with the GPS watch
No matter how big your little one is, it always feels like your baby. And you will always be concerned about his or her safety. With this smart, GPS watch you can always keep a little eye on things.

Reassuring functionalities
Even though your baby is now larger and children need the freedom to explore the wide world, as a parent you always want to look over their shoulders. And although this is technically not possible, even with this GPS watch, it does have so many functionalities that it will reassure your concerned parent heart.

A safe feeling
With this cheerful GPS watch, after inserting a SIM card (not supplied), you can always see where the little one is. You can also talk to them through voice chat. If an emergency situation occurs, the little one can always inform you of this through the SOS function. All functionalities that reassure you and give your child a safe feeling.

A cheerful watch
In addition to the fact that this GPS watch has many functionalities and aspects that will guarantee a safe feeling, it is also just a nice watch. With various useful and practical functions. For example, it has a 2.54 cm display that your child can use with his / her fingers. The light that the screen gives is warm and colorful, so it is not harmful to the eyes. The watch is available in blue and pink.

The (educational) functionalities
Precisely because this GPS watch has so many other functionalities, it is so much more than just a device to keep an eye on your little one. A small list:
  • Flashlight function (for when it is dark)
  • Stopwatch (for sports and games)
  • SOS button (for emergency situations)
  • Alarm clock function (for when it's time to come home)
  • Find function (for when the watch is lost)
  • Speech function (for when you want to talk to your child)
  • Camera function (for when your child wants to show you something)
  • Tracker function (for when you want to see where your child is)
  • Time function (for a clear time display)
  • The standby time is approximately three to four days.

Possible applications
You can of course use the GPS watch to protect, monitor and monitor your child. But you can also give it if you (temporarily) transfer your baby to someone else's care (grandpa / grandma / babysitter). You can always see where he / she is and also - via the speech function - sing your special lullaby. Then you are still a little with your little one.